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Gymnastika Athletic Studio – Brand design, Website

The logo is designed in a combination of white, black, gray and pink-scarlet. Pink-scarlet color symbolizes youth, brightness and activity of life.

The idea of the dynamic shape of the letter “G” – the first letter of the company’s name – has been retained in the logo design. The shape of the logo resembles the lightness of a fluttering gymnastic ribbon, while at the same time resembling the shape of a heart as a symbol of care and a good atmosphere in the team – GYMNASTIKA Athletic Studio.

Styling the shape of the letter “G”, we created a minimalistic visualization of a gymnast in a jump, as a nod to the name of the company “GYMNASTIKA”. The letter “G” also acts as the main emblem of the brand, personifying dynamism, swiftness and lightness.

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Gymnastika Athletic Studio